Getting prepared

I just signed up for a monthly pass for Weight Watchers.  This gets me unlimited meetings, as well as access to the online e-tools and iPhone app.  Now that money has been committed to this endeavour, I can’t back out!

I’ve started calculating the points for some of my most frequently consumed foods and recipes.  I want to have a plan in place for what I’m going to eat on my first day – which will be Monday January 3rd.

I have joined a “Biggest Loser” weight loss contest at a church in Worcester.  The starting weigh in is on Sunday January 2nd.  The person who loses the biggest percentage of their body weight on the next 4 months wins $500.  I love a good challenge!

We are either eating, giving away or throwing out all the remaining Christmas treats in the house.  Staying on plan will be a lot easier with fewer temptations in the fridge and cupboards!

Exercise-wise, my plan is to do Zumba for an hour on Tuesday mornings, and either walk, use gym equipment or do Wii Fit with a friend on Thursday mornings.  I would like to find one additional exercise slot each weekend – probably for a walk or another class.  My exercise time is a bit restricted by when my daughter is in preschool, but I figure this schedule is better than nothing to start with.  I will try to add in other movement as my schedule permits.

I will take before photos and measurements this weekend so I know my starting point.

Onwards and downwards!

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