The science makes sense

So before I rejoined Weight Watchers on Monday, my typical breakfast for a while had been 65 g of bran flakes with milk.  Not an unhealthy food, and only 2.5 points for the cereal on the old WW plan, because it has so much fiber and that effectively canceled out some of the calories.  But an hour later I’d be hungry again, so I’d eat a Fiber One bar.  An hour after that I’d have a couple of cookies with my cup of coffee….and this was all basically carbs, and all before lunch.

On the new PointsPlus program, that same portion of cereal is now 7 points.  So on Monday morning I tried something different.  I had 2 eggs, a slice of turkey bacon and an Arnold sandwich thin, for a total of 8 points.  There are still some carbs in there, but a bit more protein and fat too.  And you know what?  I ate this at 8am and I genuinely wasn’t hungry again until 12 noon.  It really held me over and I felt way more satisfied.  I seriously cannot recall the last time I did not eat any snacks between breakfast and lunch…until now.

Today I tried a 4 point breakfast – 1/2 cup egg beaters, mushrooms & peppers & one slice of turkey bacon on a flaxseed pita.  I had enough energy to work out for an hour at a Zumba class, then I ate a banana and was OK again until my lunch at 12.30.  Amazing!

I am really beginning to understand the science behind the new WW system – and it makes sense.  Stuff that is pure carbs has a higher points value now than stuff that has protein – even when the caloric content is ostensibly similar.  The protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer, doesn’t spike your blood sugar, and takes more energy to digest.  The change in points values, and the fact that fruit is now zero points, makes it more likely that you will choose a healthier option and eat less processed food.

There was a quote from David Kirchoff in the new January issue of the WW magazine that really hit home with me:

“When we feel that we are making an “equal” choice between a 100-calorie apple and a 100-calorie bag of chips, we have clearly gone off track.”

This was PRECISELY my attitude before, and it explains why I really wasn’t eating healthily, even on the occasions when I was losing weight purely based on a calories in< calories out equation.

Fascinating stuff!

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One Response to The science makes sense

  1. Kim says:

    I’m so glad that this switch got turned for you! 🙂

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