8 is great!

Can’t believe it’s only my 8th day back on the WW program and I was already down 8lbs at my weigh-in this morning!  I know that the first week losses are often big, and not an indication that weight loss will continue at that pace, but it still feels so good to see an immediate payoff for my diligence in staying on program this week.

My biggest victory was at a restaurant for Sunday lunch.  I was able to stick to my plan of ordering roast turkey (6), a baked potato (5), broccoli (0) & stuffing (5) – even when my husband tortured me by ordering my favorite fish & chips!  I made a condiment & drink wall to block my view of his tempting greasy dinner across the table… 🙂

I was bummed not to be able to stay for the Weight Watcher meeting, but my son is home sick from school today.  I was only able to dash out to weigh in & do a couple of errands thanks to the kindness of a neighbor who watched the kids for a bit.

My challenge now is how to get to the grocery store to restock with low point foods, when I have a sick kid and there’s a big snowstorm heading our way!

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