I have houseguests for the long weekend.  Fortunately we met online through our association with Weight Watchers, so my struggles with food are familiar to them.  Although neither of them are currently following the PointsPlus plan, they are considerate of my requests (limiting eating out, calculating the points on things before I decide if I want to eat them etc.), which is making it infinitely easier to stay on program over the long weekend.

Tomorrow is my first Biggest Loser weigh in since the contest started 2 weeks ago.  I hope to be down 9 or 10 lbs from my start weight – which I hope will put me in a good position in the competition.  Still 10 weeks to go though, so my initial motivation has to stay the course!

Note to self: wine is not worth the points.  I had a 4 fl oz glass of Pinot Grigio with dinner last night, but it was 5 points that I would have rather had in food, and I woke up with a headache this morning.  Lesson learned!

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2 Responses to Houseguests

  1. A says:

    That sounds fun. A bunch of us are getting together to watch the game tomorrow – and all the recipes being served are WW ones, which my friend and I really appreciate!

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