Weighing and measuring

According to the box, 1/2 cup brown minute rice is 4 points.  But it says 1/2 cup = 43g.  The other night while making dinner, I decided to measure out 1/2 cup and then weigh it on my electronic scale.  I was surprised to see it registering as 55g.  Those extra 12g equal an extra 1 point.

Now, that may not sound like a big deal – but I can see how it might mount up and affect your weight loss if you were consistently under-counting multiple ingredients over the course of a week.  I would recommend getting an electronic scale and always weighing your food rather than measuring it out by cups, if you have the option.  Cups are a great weigh to “eyeball” portion sizes when you”re away from home, but I think there’s more potential for hidden calories there than you might think.

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One Response to Weighing and measuring

  1. Jennie says:

    Yikes… I’m surprised it was off by that much! Maybe I’ll try using my scale more this week.

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