21 days to a new habit

I am really proud of some of the choices I am making on this trip.  Being out of my comfort zone is hard, but I am doing my best in an environment I can’t control.  Some examples:

  • I did an hour on the treadmill on Thursday morning (before the conference started), at a pace between 3.2-3.8 mph.  I made a playlist of upbeat music (Katy Perry, Madonna etc.) and that really helped.
  • I bought my own low-carb wraps (3 PP+) and I am putting the lunchtime meat & salad in one of those, rather than eating the baguettes.
  • I brought apples & bananas from home and they are really helping me resist the lure of the vending machine snacks.
  • At the party last night, I avoided alcohol & dessert and only filled my plate once from the Mexican buffet.
  • Then instead of going to gamble or wander around, I stayed on the dance floor and danced my tushy off!!  It was such a fun group to hang out with and I really let my hair down & had a blast.

We’re heading into the last day now – let’s hope I can keep it up.  It does feel that making better choices is becoming easier now that I’ve been back on track for 21+ days.  Maybe my new habits are becoming second nature now.

It was great to have a mini victory to show for my efforts last night.  We had a red, white & blue party at the conference, and I was thrilled to be able to fit back into a pair of size 18 Old Navy red pants – when I know for a fact I couldn’t get them zipped or buttoned at Christmas. 🙂

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