Rates of loss, now & then

So I weighed in this week and lost 3.4 lbs for a total of 17.2 lbs in 4 weeks.  Yippee and hooray, right?  Except I got lectured by my WW leader that it was “time to start slowing this down”.  Immediately my excitement at my progress evaporated into annoyance.  After all, I am following the program to the letter – getting in my healthy guidelines (dairy, oil, water, multivitamin, fruit & veggies), eating all my daily points and about two-thirds of the weekly ones, exercising 3 times a week…. If my body is choosing to respond by losing 4 lbs a week on average for the first month, who am I to stop it?  After all, I have a lot to lose!  I’m sure it will slow down of its own accord soon enough.

It got me thinking about whether the guideline of 1-2lbs a week is really just an average.  Obviously they don’t want to set anybody up for disappointment by promising that you will lose any more than that.   But I know plenty of people who follow the program and lose 0.5-1lb loss a week.  Therefore surely it follows that there must be others who lose 3-4 lbs a week, in order for the average to be 1-2lbs?  This was a radical lifestyle change for me.  It’s not like I had been half-assed about following the program for a while – I had totally fallen off the wagon for many months!

My curiosity piqued, I ventured up into the Attic and retrieved my trackers from the first time I went on this weight loss journey, back in 2000/2001.  It was a fascinating exercise to analyze those figures.  In the first 4 weeks the first time around, I lost 13.5lbs.  6 weeks in, I was down 20 lbs.  8 weeks in, I’d dropped 25 lbs.  In other words, I averaged well over 3lbs a week loss for the first 2 months when I was on the program before as well.  I think this is just the way my body does this!  I didn’t have any problems then – no gall bladder attacks, not much lose skin, no other health complications.  Of course I am 10 years older now, so there are no guarantees I’ll be as lucky again, but I still have reason to believe that this is normal FOR ME when I start a weight loss program… your results may vary.

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