I just watched the second episode of “Heavy” on A&E.  If you’re not watching this show, you should be!  I can relate to so much about why the participants let their weight spiral out of control, and their new-found commitment to changing things around.  It’s a very inspirational show.

However, I did think it was noteworthy that in the first month  – where the subjects live in an inpatient weight loss treatment facility with no phones or internet, no jobs or family responsibilities, all meals provided, and multiple intense daily workouts – Jessica (who started off at 289lbs) lost 16lbs.

I somehow achieved more than that in a month at home with only 3 weekly workouts, a job and 2 young kids around, not to mention record snowfall (snow days = stress= a temptation to comfort-eat).  Today marks exactly a month since I recommitted to my weight loss journey on January 3rd, and I am down 17 lbs.  I am freaking PROUD of myself.

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One Response to Heavy

  1. Jennie says:

    My WW leader has brought this show up at every meeting since it started airing. He loves the fact that it’s not a competition.. that it’s about supporting each other.

    I know everyone is different but I was kind of surprised at how slow Jessica’s weight came off the first month… not that I’m knocking 16 lbs.. that’s awesome! I’m just thinking that for all the restrictions she had it should have been higher.

    Regardless… isn’t it awesome to have done the same AND not have had to give up a month of your life? Cool stuff!

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