Plans foiled, plans followed

I was looking forward to checking in at the Biggest Loser contest today, after missing the weigh-in two weeks ago when I was away in Chicago.  But we arrived at 1pm to find that they had already packed up the scale and left.  It was apparently a small group today and they didn’t know they needed to wait for us.  I was so mad!  Selfishly I was hoping to claim a spot in the top ten. 🙂  Note to self: next time, make a speedier exit from church, and call my contact there to tell her we are on our way and to please wait for us!

Afterwards we ate a late lunch at Longhorn.  I kicked myself because although I asked for fat-free ranch dressing on my salad, I forgot to ask for it on the side.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when my salad is drowning in dressing, even when I’m not trying to lose weight.  As a result I barely ate 1/3 of my salad, and then I succumbed to a piece of bread since I was so hungry (it was after 2pm at this point).  However, I was pleased with my meal choice of salmon, sweet potato & broccoli – it was filling & yummy.

After lunch we dropped the kids off with a friend and my husband & I went to the movies.  I did indulge in 10 points worth of candy during the film, but I had the weekly points left over for it, and since today is the last day of my WW week, I had no guilt in using them!

Tomorrow I’ll head to my meeting.  Fingers crossed I’ll be down another 2 lbs.  I am inching closer to my 10%!


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