Dealing with the demons

Tough day with the kids today.  They are both home for vacation week, and it was snowing, so we ended up staying home all day.  Abby in particular got into a lot of mischief – acrobatics on the stairs, paint on the couch, whole packets of wipes blocking the toilet, and spills & messes galore.  Upon discovering the second blocked toilet at bathtime, I was reduced to actual tears of frustration.

Standing there in the bathroom at the end of my rope, the urge to run downstairs and cram a large bar of chocolate in my mouth was almost palpable.  I was stressed, and this is how I cope with stress – I eat.  It took every ounce of willpower I had to resist that temptation.  I figured coming here to write about it was one of the alternative coping mechanisms I could try.

I was a bit disheartened to only be down 0.4lbs at my weigh-in this morning.  My cumulative total is still excellent (21 lbs in 7 weeks), so I shouldn’t really complain –  I must focus on that.  I’m grateful that I was in good enough physical shape to survive a 2 hour charity Zumbathon on Saturday without keeling over.  However, I continue to be baffled by the daily fluctuations, and the differences between my home scale and the WW one.  Sometimes they are less than 1 lb different, other days 2 lbs or more off.  I like to be mentally prepared before I go to the official weigh-in, so today caught me off guard when my expected 1.5 lbs loss did not materialize. My disappointment has followed me around like a little black cloud all day.

However, I can’t allow this momentary hiccup to deter me from the bigger goal.  I know I am doing all the right things and this weight WILL come off if I continue to be diligent.  Sometimes you just have to “keep on keeping on”.

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One Response to Dealing with the demons

  1. Jennie says:

    I’m so guilty of this too so I’m saying it as much to you as I am to reinforce it to myself. =)
    Scales are really not that great an indicator of how we are doing. Yes, overall eating well and exercising will result in lower numbers on the scale but so many other things affect the number on the scale that don’t really matter. Here’s one list of things from Women’s Health –
    The scale is definitely an easy way to track progress but it’s not always accurate and it’s definitely not immediate. I mean it makes sense that eating junk food isn’t immediately going to affect the scale and… really for that matter there is NO immediate and accurate way to check… yes checking your body fat or measurements are probably more reliable but they aren’t immediate either. You just gotta keep making good choice and keep on keeping on.
    I did have a new find that makes me laugh. The quantum scale.. the scale that never tells you your weight. Unfortunately it does still tell you the change in weight so while maybe you won’t obsess about your actual weight you still can obsess about the pounds lost/gained. It’s supposedly cheap at $59 + $10 shipping and handling but actually I don’t think that’s all that cheap. Anyway, it made me chuckle.

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