8 is great! (weeks that is)

Today was a major milestone day at Weight Watchers.  Not only did I reach my 10% goal (23.5 lbs gone) to get my keychain, but I blew past it and got my 25lb charm as well!  I was down 4lbs today – except that I swear half of that was actually lost last week and the scale at the meeting was just being ridiculous and not registering it.  If you average it I actually lost 4.4lbs over two weeks, which is within the realms of “normal”.

What is surprising and delighting me is that my rate of loss is comparable to what it was 10 years ago when I did this the first time around.  I was fully expecting that since I have gained 2 kids and a job since I first did this, my metabolism would have slowed down and I would be experiencing much slower losses this time around because I am not able to make weight loss my biggest focus.  But to my amazement, my rate of loss over my first 8 weeks is almost exactly mirroring what it was back in 2000 (25.5 lbs in 8 weeks). I love that my body is responding so well to the program!

25 lbs down and most of my clothes are loose, bordering on ridiculously baggy in some cases!  My 2 warmest sweaters are huge on me, but I don’t want to buy more with Spring hopefully around the corner.  I have plenty of warmer weather clothes in my current size & the next one down, because I’m back to the weight I was a year ago.  Woot!

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