Walking, willpower and weeklies

I started yesterday feeling proud of myself and ended it feeling disappointed!

After dropping my daughter off at preschool, I bundled up and set off up the hill to walk a new route.  I’d driven this loop before but never walked it, and I quickly discovered that both the hills & distance involved were much harder to walk than drive!  Still, I was glad the forecast snow held off, and my trusty workout playlist on my iPhone really helped.  I am a particular fan of “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz and “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha, since they have the perfect walking beat!

I made it back to my car after 73 minutes, with no real clue as to my pace or how far I had walked.  I got home and Google-mapped my route, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was 4.2 miles.  A 17-minute mile isn’t a bad lick for straight walking with hills.  I also got a kick out of shaving off 11 minutes from Google’s “estimated time to walk this route”.

Fast-forward to the evening, when I had plans to meet two friends at a local pub for their trivia night.  I ate a light dinner beforehand and had plans to nurse one drink for the entire evening.  I figured I’d be so busy answering trivia questions that I wouldn’t have time or inclination to eat.  Best laid plans, yadda yadda yadda!  As it turned out, the bar area was full and we were seated in an adjacent room.  The waitress promised we would still be able to hear the trivia questions, but this proved to be impossible over the background noise of hundreds of pub-goers and two sports games.  By the time we’d figured this out, we’d missed too much of the quiz and decided to just chat instead.

Meanwhile, my friends ended up ordering full meals…and for some reason (possibly related to my long walk earlier) I was actually really hungry!  The prospect of watching them eat without the distraction of the quiz was too much for me.  I scoured the menu for any remotely healthy choice but, it being a typical pub menu, the pickings were slim (or rather, designed to make me the opposite of slim!)  I finally settled on potato skins – which of course, were very good, thus sending my resolve to leave most of them on the plate out of the window within a couple of bites.

I reckon I consumed 18 points’ worth of potato skins, coupled with a 4 point drink.  Thankfully, this is why WW gives you a weekly point allowance. I mentally scanned the remainder of my week and realized that there would be no other huge eating challenges – no more required meals out.  So blowing half of my weeklies in one evening would probably be OK in the scheme of things.  As the old weight loss mantra goes – No Guilt And Move On!

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One Response to Walking, willpower and weeklies

  1. Jennie says:

    See that to me is the beauty of WWers… no, you didn’t stick with your plan (so you can be a little disappointed with yourself I supposed) but really.. with the weekly points you didn’t cheat or go off program. You had the points for it and used them.

    Personally I’m super impressed you managed to stick with only one drink. To me alcohol is such a pain… those 4 points can easily add up to a lot of trouble.

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