Lenses lie, but measurements are meaningful!

On Saturday I asked my husband to take progress photos of me, wearing the same sports bra & t-shirt I was wearing for my “before” photos 12 weeks ago.  I uploaded the new pictures, placed them side by side with the original ones – and promptly felt like crying!  There was so little visible difference.  I still had tummy rolls and back rolls and a pouch below my waist.  My arms looked exactly the same!  It was depressing.  I’ve lost 34 lbs and gone down at least 2 clothes sizes.  I felt like the difference ought to be more striking.

I am not up to posting the pictures publicly just yet, but my best friend was over so she took a look.  She reckoned that the difference was most noticeable in my face.  I could see that too – but it’s funny how our eyes are immediately drawn to our flaws.

Other friends encouraged me to take my measurements.  I’m pleased to say that the tape measure did show a tangible improvement!  Here’s the progress I’ve made in 12 weeks:

Measurements Was      Now   Change
Around fullest part of chest:                             49″      46″     -3″
Waist:                                                                    46″      43″     -3″
Pouch (unattractive bulge below my waist): 52″      48″     -4″
Hips:                                                                      48″      45″     -3″
Thigh:                                                                    27″       25″     -2″

Here are my weigh-in results after 12 weeks:

Biggest loser contest in Worcester 3/27/11:
199.2 lbs (their scale always weighs light).  Total 35 lbs lost in 12 weeks.  I was 5th overall in the contest, and the top-placed woman.

Weight Watchers 3/28/11:
201 lbs.  Total lost 34 lbs in 12 weeks.

At home:
I saw 199 this morning.  One-derland! Onederland is an old weight loss acronym for the first time your weight goes below 200 lbs.  In my head, this equates to “normality”…not that I am at goal, far from it, but that I am approaching a weight level and appearance that would classify me as “normal” to the man on the street – no longer worthy of particular comment for being too fat.  It’s a milestone, for sure….but I won’t claim it for real until it is reflected on the public scale at Weight Watchers.

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One Response to Lenses lie, but measurements are meaningful!

  1. Even though it was on your home scale and not “official” yet, WTG on Onederland! I can’t wait to get back there again, too. 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

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