Vacation planning

My husband and I are heading off for a much-needed “mini break” (to quote “Bridget Jones”) in San Antonio, TX this weekend.  The weather forecast is for sunny with temps in the high-80’s….quite a welcome contrast to cold, rainy MA!  Here is my plan to keep my eating & exercise on track:

  1. We are staying in a suite with a full kitchen.  There is a small grocery store in the building, so we plan to stock up on a few basic food items (fruit, milk, eggs, light bread) so we can at least make simple breakfasts and snacks in our room and avoid eating out for every single meal.
  2. We are not planning to hire a car, so I hope we will get lots of exercise walking around the city.
  3. If I feel like I need additional exercise, there is a fitness room and a pool in the place where we’re staying that I can use.
  4. It will be hot, so I am reminding myself to drink lots of water!
  5. Try to make healthier restaurant choices…lots of veggies & fruit, fewer carbs, lean protein, limited desserts & no daily ice cream!  For example, the place we’re eating on Saturday night offers a naked bison burger with no bun & no fries, but sauteed spinach & mushrooms instead…sounds yummy!

I’ve decided not to try & find a Weight Watchers meeting in TX on Monday.   I don’t like surprises and I won’t be able to check my weight before the meeting.  I would rather give myself a few days at home to get my weight back down & miss one week’s weigh-in.

Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Vacation planning

  1. Melissa says:

    You don’t need luck – you have a plan!

  2. Flo says:

    Have fun! Enjoy the warmth! Like Melissa said, you have a plan – so you can’t fail!

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