Food & exercise on vacation – update

The first day was hard because we went out to breakfast (thus blowing half my daily points allowance before 10am!) and I didn’t have any fresh fruit.  It’s amazing how much I’ve come to rely on fruit as a way to fill up for zero points.  Without it, I find myself reaching for the carbs all day.  I was thrilled when the friend we met up with in the afternoon was willing to take us via a grocery store to stock up!

That first night I stuck to my plan of the naked bison burger with spinach & mushrooms at The Cove, and it came with a huge salad.  I did eat a handful of sweet potato fries off my friend’s plate, but overall I think I did well.  I  indulged later in a small Ben & Jerry’s but I looked up the NI and counted it.  For me, it’s not a real vacation in a hot place without at least one ice cream outing!

On Sunday we ate breakfast in the hotel room, made with our grocery store supplies.  It was incredible what a difference it made to my hunger levels and blood sugar to start the day with Eggbeaters & fruit, instead of greasy fried stuff at a restaurant like I’d had the day before.

Sunday lunch was in a mall food court.  I examined all the offerings and opted for a slice of vegetarian pizza with a garden salad on the side.  Dinner was at a steakhouse – I resisted the bread (a huge victory for me!) and had a salad, salmon & a sweet potato.

Monday was saved by fruit again!  We went to the movies and I was impressed that the concession stand had 4 point Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches available.  In the evening we walked at least 3 miles along the Riverwalk to the edge of town to have dinner at a teppanyaki place.  Since it was 91°F, I feel like the exercise and sweat must have proactively burned at least some of the calories from my hibachi shrimp & rice!

The Riverwalk is an amazing asset to this city.  Our boat tour guide told us it had been voted one of the top 10 routes for runners in the USA, and I can believe it.  It’s incredibly clean & picturesque, and it makes walking a real pleasure when you are not constantly having to dodge traffic.

Today is our final day, and we’ve rented a car for the day so we can visit some out of town caverns and get to the airport easily.  Eating will be odd because we are meant to be on a  plane right across our normal dinner time (4-8pm).  My guess is that it will be a day of lots of smaller snacks instead of big meals, since we have to stay awake past midnight to drive home from the airport.

It’s been hard for me not to weigh myself daily.  I’m so used to having that numerical feedback on how I’m doing.  I missed my weekly WW weigh-in yesterday, so I will be keen to learn what the scale says at home tomorrow morning.  If there’s a gain, at least I have a few days to get rid of it before next Monday’s weigh in.

Overall I’m very happy with how this trip went.  I think I struck a good balance between keeping my food in check and exercising, while still managing to have fun on vacation.  My weekly & activity points were fully utilized, but that’s what they’re there for!  It gives me confidence that I can do this, even when I am away from my “safe” home environment.

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One Response to Food & exercise on vacation – update

  1. Flo says:

    Looks like you’ve had fun and still done well with your eating/exercise. I’m betting that you will have a loss next Monday when you go to your “official weigh-in”. Way to go!

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