A new walking route

Here is where I walked today.  My husband was working at home today and agreed to keep the kids so I could get out and enjoy the fresh air.  For some reason my thoughts turned to a walking route in Stow.  I had only visited it once before, with a moms’ group when my son was very small, so at least 5 years ago.  But today I was drawn to it again.

The Delaney Flood control area is an interesting spot.  From the parking lot you start off on a track that sits on top of a “dam”, so it was elevated and pretty windy.  From there you arrive at a large open field that is criss-crossed with walking paths.  The main path leads into the woods and once there, less well-marked but still fairly obvious trails lead off in several directions.

I liked the fact that all the trails intersect, so it is very easy to plan a route that fills the time you have available, just by adding different loops.  I wanted to walk for 40 minutes and so when I arrived back at the “dam” with 6 minutes still to spare, I just added a small extra loop to fill the time.  It looks like I walked 2.32 miles, so my pace was about 3.5 mph.  That’s an average – it was definitely faster on the flat stretches, and slower in the wooded bits, where the path was less well marked and I had to watch my footing.

I had a lot of fun, earned 4 activity points, and will definitely be back here again soon!

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