A new mindset

The scale is not my friend this week.  Between Tuesday-Thursday I had a near-constant headache that required multiple doses of Motrin to enable me to function.  Not quite sure what caused that, other than (a) it was the time of the month, and (b) my allergies were also wicked bad.  Between the Motrin & the allergy meds, there was a definite blip of 1.5-2lbs in my weight on my home scale, even though I kept my points at the correct daily level & did my usual exercise.

Yesterday was my birthday and I had saved up most of my weekly points allowance to allow myself to splurge on my birthday dinner at Tavolino with my husband & two friends.  I wasn’t “counting” per se, but it helped that the portions were not enormous (no leftovers to do battles with today, thankfully).  I did limit myself to only 1 slice of bread & a small amount of dipping oil.  We split an order of arancini & fried cheese for an appetizer. My entree was butternut squash tortellacci in an apple cider reduction with caramelized onions, cranberries, and a sage marscapone sauce – very rich, but delicious.  I also tried bites of my companions’ meals – meatloaf, a wild mushroom pasta, and a chicken pizza.  I passed on wine & just drank water – alcohol doesn’t add much to my enjoyment of the meal.  For dessert (on the house since it was my birthday!) Alistair and I shared an apple crisp with dulce de leche gelato – divine!

Where exercise is concerned, I’m really starting to see a new mindset emerging.  Whereas in the past I would look for any excuse not to exercise (weather, time crunch, lack of childcare), now I am actively trying to squeeze in activity wherever I can – every little bit helps.  On Friday I pushed my daughter in the stroller on the Hudson bike path for 36 minutes (bonus, she fell asleep and I managed to transfer her both to the car seat and then to her bed at home, where she continued napping for another 2 hours!)  Yesterday, I got up and did Zumba at 8.30am, even though it was my birthday and I had to bring my daughter with me.  She happily danced on the sidelines or played games on my phone.  Today my husband was out all day, but when he returned at 5pm, I laced up my sneakers and headed out for a 46 minute walk in the late afternoon sunshine.

The scale may not be down much (if at all) tomorrow morning at Weight Watchers, but I still feel like this was a week in which I made good choices.  Sometimes real life (medications and birthday dinners) gets in the way of a perfect result on the scale, but I’m still on the right track.

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