Catching a break

The scale gave me a break at today’s weigh-in, after my miserly 0.4lb loss last week.  Another 3.6 lbs bit the dust today! That brings my total to 44.4lbs in 18 weeks, or an average of 2.46 lbs/week.  I’m thrilled!

This week will find me catching a break of another kind, as I will be spending Wednesday-Sunday relaxing here:

My awesome company AtHome America allows us to earn an incentive trip each year, so my family and I will be jetting off to sunny Cancun, Mexico for 5 days of fun in the sun at an all-inclusive resort!  It will be great to see old friends and make some new memories with the family.  The kids are so excited!

I’m hoping it will be possible to stay on program while I’m gone.  The resort is huge, so I’ll be getting lots of exercise just walking between activities.  I may use the gym or take an exercise class as well.  The restaurants offer breakfast and lunch buffets, so there will be healthy options like omelets, salads and fresh food.  I just need to watch out for the free alcohol and cheesy nachos!  My other mantra is, “Just because it’s free doesn’t mean there is no cost if you eat/drink it. A moment on the lips, much longer on the hips!”

I will say, it is so much more pleasurable packing for a trip when you wear size 14/16 compared to size 20/22 (as I was last Thanksgiving when we went on a Caribbean cruise).  More warm weather clothing options, and less terror at the thought of bearing my body in shorts or swimsuits.  It’s not perfect, but I’m a work in progress. 🙂

We don’t get back until late Sunday night, so I may not weigh in next Monday if I’m exhausted and my home scale is up.  It may be better to give myself a week to catch up.  We’ll see – I’m reserving judgment on that decision.

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