Cheap is the new black

Frugality should be my middle name.  I am my father’s daughter in many respects, and I definitely have miserly Scottish blood.

Today at work, somebody admired my red cardigan.  I took great pride in telling her that it cost 50 cents in a church rummage sale! In fact, I’ve just realized that the pants were from a clothing swap and the t-shirt was a handmedown from a friend, so (aside from underwear) my entire OUTFIT only cost 50 cents! LOL

One of the highlights of the coming week is a get-together with my “WW Peeps”.  This is a group of online friends who have been supporting each other in our weight loss quests since the beginning of the year.  A handful of us who are locally based & available are meeting on Thursday for a low-point potluck dinner, some Wii, and a clothing swap.  I’m so excited to find some new-to-me duds in size 14, and hopefully pass on a big pile of 18s/20s/22s to someone who can use them.  I hate to spend a lot of money on clothes when I am between sizes, so clothing swaps, rummage sales, consignment and loans from friends have really been invaluable.

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