Mind games

There’s no weigh-in tomorrow because it’s Memorial Day.  It’s amazing how much this is messing with my head!  I am officially over points for the week (I used all my weeklies, all my activities and dipped into the red) but I care much less than I should.  I took Motrin yesterday & today without wondering what effect it would have on the scale.  I ate with more abandon than was wise at the church talent show last night (I still tracked but I ate at least 50 points yesterday).  It’s amazing how much I rely on that Monday morning accountability to keep myself in check over the weekend.

Having said that, I am still happy with the choices I am making 90% of the time.  There are lots of little victories worth celebrating, like not buying any of the yummy pastries in the coffee shop this afternoon, and munching grapes instead of candy during the sermon at church.

The novelty of looking so much better in clothes has yet to wear off.  I went to a Bat Mitzvah yesterday and was able to wear a golden yellow Ann Taylor Loft size XL blouse and a size 14 skirt.  I got both items from clothing swaps, so my outfit was essentially free.  However, I did have to laugh when I realized that I bought the shoes for my 18th birthday party! This may be beyond the pale, even for a Frugal Fanny like me!

I’m basically at 50 lbs down, but wont be able to claim it officially for another week.  Some size 16s are getting too baggy now.

The biggest challenges for the coming week are:
a) a holiday cookout tomorrow (I’m bringing chicken burgers, veggie kabobs, watermelon and No Pudge brownies)
b) staying awake on a long late-night drive home from Concord NH on Thursday – I need to bring low point snacks for the journey & budget enough points to last into the evening
c) Hudsonfest next Saturday – a long hot day on my feet surrounded by vendors selling burgers, ice cream and other goodies.  I need to bring a well stocked cooler of my own!

With any luck, a week from now I can officially claim the 50lbs lost charm. 🙂

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One Response to Mind games

  1. Jennie says:

    Clothing swaps are such a great idea! My sister gave me some of the clothes she’s gotten too small for on Sunday.. the only problems are she’s several inches shortter than I am and I don’t know if it’s age (12 years apart) or what but we have VERY different styles.

    Anyway frugal or not you look great!

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