Time to break out the tape measure again!

Here’s where I’m at after 5 months back on track:

Measurements Start After 12 weeks After 22 weeks Total Change
Around fullest part of chest: 49″ 46″  44.75″  4.75″
Waist: 46″ 43″ 42″  4″
Pouch (unattractive bulge below my waist): 52″ 48″  45″  7″
Hips: 48″ 45″  43″  5″
Thigh: 27″ 25″  24″  3″

For what it’s worth, these measurements equate to a loss of 50 lbs and going from a size 22/2X to a loose size 16 or tight size 14 at 5’5″.

The unattractive “pouch” below my waist is where I see the biggest visual difference, and the measurements back that up. I think I’ll always have loose skin there, unless I opt to have it surgically removed down the line, but how full it is depends a LOT on my weight. It’s a lot easier to squish into jeans now!

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2 Responses to Time to break out the tape measure again!

  1. Kim says:

    Those measurements are AWESOME! Great job on all your hard work thus far.

  2. -e- says:

    You call it pouch, my gym calls it “abdomen girth” LOL Keep it up, chica! You’re rockin’ this 🙂

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