Out with the old, in with the new

New shoes
Yesterday I was sans kids and took the opportunity to go shoe shopping.  I wanted some summer wedges to wear as a dressier alternative to flat sandals.  The wedge heel makes them easier to walk on than a spindly heel, yet you still get the extra height.  My slender ankles have always been one of my best features (don’t laugh!) so these shoes are a great way to highlight that.

New bras
It was finally time to downsize my “over the shoulder boulder holders”.  I moved to a 38 D instead of 42 DD.  My husband expressed disappointment (typical man ;)) but I’m very happy to have more attractive bra options available in my new size.

New eating spots
On Thursday a friend and I headed to Ruby Tuesday for lunch.  I was somewhat concerned, as I traditionally associate Ruby Tuesdays with greasy burgers and fries.   However, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that they now have many lighter options, including their “Petite Plates”, which were all under 500 calories.  They also provide a customizable nutritional breakdown for everything on their menu on the website – bravo!

I had the petite sirloin, white cheddar mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini.  The whole thing was only 9 PP+ and very yummy!  Plus it kept me feeling full for several hours.  This restaurant will now go into my regular rotation of places where it is possible to eat out and stay within 29 PP+ for the day.

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