Compliments never get old

It’s so nice when people notice my weight loss.  Yesterday a lady at church told me I was “melting away”.  On Wednesday, one friend’s jaw physically dropped when I told her I’d lost 52 lbs since Christmas.  I actually enjoy bumping into people I haven’t seen for 6-9 months at the store, because I KNOW I look better than I did last time they saw me.

We are heading to the UK next week to visit family, and I asked them to stock up on a few WW essentials.  I thought you might be interested to see what made my list!

Red seedless grapes
Low fat turkey bacon
Any kind of low carb/low calorie tortilla, flatbread or pita bread
Low fat Laughing Cow cheese wedges

I would have added Eggbeaters but I’m not sure it’s available in the UK.  I can do 1 egg & 3 egg whites and get the same effect.  I’m assuming that basics like salad fixings, bananas and apples will already be available.

The scale at home continues to co-operate nicely – just hoping I can hang onto that number through a weekend that includes the movie theater, a kid birthday party, and my husband’s 40th!

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