Pre-trip musings

I was rewarded with a 2 lb loss at WW last Monday.  That brings me down to 180.6 and a total loss of 54.4 lbs in 25 weeks.  However, normality is about to go out the window – we leave today to spend almost 3 weeks in the UK visiting our families.

This morning I was 179.5 on my home scale.  My goal is to not to see the 180s again on the home scale after I return.  In other words, I need to at least maintain while I’m away, and a small loss would obviously be great.  This trip should provide many opportunities to be active, but less control over my food than I am used to – plus easy access to some of my all-time favorite foods.  So we shall see what happens!

I’ve had some enjoyable NSVs this week, including fitting comfortably into a pair of jeans that previously wouldn’t fasten; having to retire another pair of pants that were falling off me; and resisting birthday cake at my daughter’s party.  It’s been hot all week and it’s been so nice to slip into a t-shirt and pair of shorts each day for camp drop off and not even have to think about whether I look good enough to be seen in public!  There’s a lot to be said for being a “normal” size again.

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