UK reflections, part 1

We’ve been in the UK for 5 days so far.  The weather has been gloriously sunny until this afternoon, so there’s been no excuse not to exercise.  I’ve been for several great walks around Teddington.  Having fast music on my iPhone makes the world of difference in keeping my pace up and feeling energized.  My current favorite is a trashy but incredibly catchy Europop smash called “Mr Saxobeat” by Alexandra Stan.  The activity points (19 earned last week) have certainly helped out with the food as well.  I used all but 4 of them last week, and all my weeklies. This week my goal is to exercise 5 out of 7 days again – I just hope the weather continues to cooperate.

I’m monitoring my weight on my mother-in-law’s scale, and while that won’t exactly correlate to either my home scale or the official WW one, it does at least give me an idea of how I’m doing.  So far I’m at least managing to maintain, which is an achievement given that I am not in charge of the cooking here and there is temptation lurking in every shop and vending machine.

I should explain that British chocolate is my downfall.  As a child it was strictly limited to special occasions, and as a teenager I began to sneakily buy it, eat it in secret, and dispose of the wrappers outside the home.  As such it holds immense psychological power and sway over me.  In the US it is not readily available, and the standard Hershey’s fair that is available in every gas station and convenience store does not tempt me in the slightest.  But when I come here, it calls my name from every direction.  Since eliminating it entirely would make me a very sad puppy indeed, the key is indulging in moderation.

Mini victories include continuing to track everything as best I can (with occasional estimates); family photographs where I don’t hate how I look; resisting my daughter’s birthday cake; and opting for grilled salmon in the pub instead of a burger & fries.

One more day here, and then we head up north.  Challenge ahead: a stepmother who shows her love by cooking elaborate 3 course dinners every night…..

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