On the road again

After just 3 days at home after our UK visit, I was on the road again.  What a whirlwind month July is turning out to be!  I drove 1000 miles from MA to IN for a work conference.  The actual roadtrip food wasn’t too bad.  My driving companion, Kim, is a fellow Weight Watcher, so we picked restaurants like Applebees, where there are reasonable low-point options on the menu.  Having a cooler of fruit and 2-3 point snacks in the car really helped as well.

After we checked in at a hotel around the halfway point, I felt the need to stretch my legs after 9+ hours in the car, but there was no gym and the surrounding neighborhood was not the most salubrious area to explore on my own close to dark.  So I laced up my sneakers, grabbed my iPod, and did 5 circuits of the abandoned car dealership next to the hotel!  I call it making the best of a bad situation. 🙂

I confess to rewarding myself with food on Sunday night for surviving the long drive, by indulging in a burger & fries and 2 alcoholic beverages with my colleagues at the conference.  I was well over my weeklies, but it had been quite the week of travel and challenges.

However, I got right back on track on Monday morning when I hit the hotel gym.  I was intending to use the treadmill but the belt was broken.  Since I was already dressed for exercise, I figured I could try the elliptical for the first time instead.  Boy, what a workout!  After 10 minutes I was dripping in sweat, but I persevered and found my stride.  I kept my heart rate up around 159 and managed 30 minutes.  But my legs sure ached later that day, and even the next!  This morning I went for a walk around Michigan City, where I am at a conference for work.

It has been a tremendous confidence boost to get so many compliments from my colleagues on my weight loss.  The last time many of them saw me was in January and I have lost 50+ lbs since then, so it’s a noticeable change.  I was so proud to stand on stage at awards night and feel really good about how I looked!

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One Response to On the road again

  1. fbruehl says:

    You look awesome, girl! That is a great color for you. Congratulations on your awards, too!

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