Friends old and new

I just glanced at my blog stats and my jaw dropped.  After weeks of averaging 15-20 page views a day, suddenly in the last two days there are over 100 of you out there reading this blog.  I have no clue who linked you over here, but WELCOME to any new readers!  Feel free to comment & introduce yourself.

I met my friend Melissa for lunch today.  We go way back, we first met on a message board during my first round of weight loss back in the early 2000’s.  We lost touch in that post-kids haze, but reconnected last year.  She started her journey back to goal 11 months ago & made it this week, losing an astounding 107 lbs in the process.  Do check out her blog – she will make you laugh and think, which is a great combination!

Last time we met, we cursed that we hadn’t taken a progress picture.  So today we both came armed with our cameras.

What I think is interesting is how differently people carry their weight.  Melissa and I weigh roughly the same, about 174-176lbs.  She is an inch taller (although you can’t tell in this photo, because she only has socks on!) and does more exercise.  But her start weight was higher & she has more loose skin.  I am definitely bustier, and my baggy pants aren’t doing me any favors – I think it may be time to retire this pair!  Melissa can wear a size 12, whereas I am still in 16s (admittedly, they are getting loose, but most 14s are still too tight).  I still dislike the lines on my neck, but otherwise I feel like I look healthy and good in this picture, even with 20 lbs still to lose to hit goal.  We are two rockin’ mamas!

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2 Responses to Friends old and new

  1. Flo says:

    You both look amazing! Love the shoes, Melissa! And time to retire those baggy pants, Becca!

  2. bbb75 says:

    Flo, you are definitely coming to the next lunch! We are counting the days until September when our kids are in school and we can all talk without constant interruptions!

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