Out on the town

My husband and I had a long-overdue date night yesterday.  I slipped on this little black dress in a size 14.  I felt fantastic!  Just the thing to cheer me up after only losing 0.6lbs this week.  I guess my weekend of theme parks & church cookouts caught up with me. 😉

We went to Ceres Bistro in Worcester and indulged in their Restaurant Week menu.  $23.11 for 3 courses is a steal!  I liked that the portions weren’t ridiculous.  I was able to splurge on a very nice dinner without feeling like I had to roll out of there like a barrel.

For the appetizer I had two lobster risotto balls and 2 duck spring rolls.  For the main course I got the steak and sweet potato fries, and my husband got the pretzel chicken with maple & bacon potato salad – but we shared!  For dessert I had the flourless chocolate cake & he had the coconut flan. It was all delicious, the service & atmosphere were good, and the price was right.  We plan to return!

(You’d never guess this was a weight loss blog with the number of times I post about drool-worthy food, ha!)

My next goal is to lose 2.8 lbs to hit 175, which would be an even 60lbs lost this year.  I’m aiming to hit that by 8/22, when we leave for a short vacation in Pennsylvania.

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