Cheesy playlist!

I love music.  My dad always had music playing in the house and car when I was a child, and so I grew up immersed in the likes of ABBA, John Denver, the Beatles, and Billy Joel.

One of the ways I motivate myself to exercise is by finding music with a beat that makes me want to move.  It’s one of the reasons I love Zumba, but my regular class is on hiatus for the summer.  My standard walking playlist consists of fast modern dance music, like Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Flo Rida.  But lately I was getting a bit bored with it.

I decided to trawl through the archives and find some cheesy 70’s and 80’s classics that I hadn’t listened to regularly since my youth.  It took a bit of refining to get the tracks in the right order to sustain a brisk walking pace (3.5-4 mph), but I believe I’ve finished juggling the songs around now.  This track list has made my last few walks so much fun!

Club Tropicana  Wham!
Celebration  Kool & The Gang
Love is in the Air   John Paul Young
Japanese Boy  Aneka
Heart of Glass  Blondie
Give It Up  KC & the Sunshine Band
Best Years of Our Lives  Modern Romance
Gloria  Laura Branigan
Video Killed the Radio Star  Buggles
Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves  Eurythmics
Jump  Pointer Sisters
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)  Dead Or Alive
Dance Yourself Dizzy   Liquid Gold
Ring My Bell  Anita Ward
Mirror Miror   Dollar
I Feel Love  Donna Summer
Thorn In My Side  Eurythmics
The Only Way is Up  Yazz
Killer  Adamski

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3 Responses to Cheesy playlist!

  1. Melissa says:

    Club Tropicana! An oldie but goodie there! I own it, too. Gonna move it right now to tomorrow’s playlist!

  2. bbb75 says:

    I had to edit it as the song intro is long and I wanted it to start where the beat kicks in so I would keep my pace up. I had to Google how to crop a song but it was easy enough.

  3. bbb75 says:

    And do you know about Freegal? Offered by many MA public libraries, it lets you download up to 3 tracks a week as free MP3s – great for adding new tunes to your playlist!

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