The danger of “good enough”

So, the scale is stuck.  For about 3 weeks now, I’ve been hovering between 176-178.  The summer is tough – my workout routine is disrupted by the constant presence of kids, and there’s been more eating out than I typically like to do.  But I’ve still been tracking, and my points have not been bad, and it’s frustrating to try fairly hard and not be rewarded for my efforts.

This morning I put on some denim shorts & a fitted red t-shirt, and stood in front of my bedroom mirror.  I made a comment to my husband that the reflection I saw was “good enough”, and that sparked a lot of thoughts about progress, goals and contentment.

On the one hand, it’s good to acknowledge that I’ve come a long way this year.  The reflection staring back at me is almost 60lbs lighter than the one I saw on January 3rd.  That’s an impressive achievement by any standard!  I’ve blogged before about how I feel “normal” again – no, I’m not skinny, but I blend in enough that at a mall or out with my kids, my appearance is no longer worthy of comment.

But the fact is that I am not at goal.  My BMI is still 20lbs above the level that is considered healthy for my height.  I still have a muffin top and flabby arms.  I could definitely stand to be fitter and more toned.  I don’t want to weigh 176 lbs forever.  I have a whole wardrobe full of lovely size 10 and 12 clothes that I am dying to fit back into.  The beautiful size 14 summer dress with the zipper that still won’t fasten taunts me from my closet door – soon it won’t be warm enough to wear it this year.  I want to be a knockout at the Christmas party in 4 months.  I want to wear a bathing suit that doesn’t have a skirt.  I want to be able to jog for more than 2 minutes without feeling like I might have a heart attack.

176 is not good enough.  How badly do I want this?  I need to find ways to get more exercise in.  I need to figure out how to add some healthy fat into my diet.  I need to be better at turning down the invitations to eat out.  In short, I need to make fewer excuses and JUST DO IT!

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3 Responses to The danger of “good enough”

  1. Melissa says:

    I can so relate to this.

    To me, it’s like doing a 100-piece puzzle, getting 85 pieces done and saying, “OK, I’m done.” Yeah, it looks OK, but it’s not finished.

    This is the hardest part of the whole process, I think. Don’t settle – go get what you want, I know you can do it.

    Once school’s back you’ll have more time to yourself to work on your goals. It’s always good to have more goals, especially at this point in the process!

  2. bbb75 says:

    I love that jigsaw puzzle analogy!

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