Vegetarian feast

I had five friends over for dinner on Sunday night, and two of them are vegetarian, so an all-veggie meal was planned.  Everyone bought a contribution.  Kim made the chickpea & feta salad that everyone on WW raves about. Beth did portabella mushrooms stuffed with bell peppers & cheese.  I attempted the grilled romaine that both Melissa & Flo have blogged about recently.

But the pièce de résistance was Sarah’s grilled corn with lime.  Seriously, best corn ever!  Basically, you grill the corn as normal, then cut a lime into wedges, and put a mixture of salt & black pepper in a bowl.  You dip a wedge of lime in the salt & pepper, then rub it all over the ear of grilled corn.  So freaking good.

The best thing was, the points for this feast were pretty low…enough that I could splurge on a piece of peach cobbler for dessert, and still be down a pound the next day. 🙂

Talking of losses, my body played catch-up this week, after the past two weeks where I only lost 0.6lbs and then maintained.  This week I tried to minimize the eating out, and I was rewarded with a 3.4 lb loss, bringing my total to 60.6lbs this year.

Now I’m away from home again, this time in PA with my kids, my BFF and her kids.  My eating is a slight splurge compared to home, but we are getting in a decent amount of exercise.  Hopefully there won’t be too much scale damage to contend with when I get home on Friday.

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