Different strokes for different folks

I spent 5 days in Pennsylvania last week with my best friend and her kids, who are the same ages and genders as my own two.  It was actually surprisingly easy to stay on program, but since a few people have commented to me that they find vacation hard in this respect, I thought I’d post a few pointers as to things that worked for me.

1)  We chose a suite with a kitchenette.  We brought coolers with basics, and made a quick trip to a grocery store for perishables like milk and salad stuff when we arrived.

2) Breakfast was provided by the hotel, but I also made my own food in the room on a couple of the days.  Protein for breakfast is key.  The day I only had a bowl of Cheerios, I was famished an hour later.

3)  I made a crustless broccoli & chicken quiche and brought it with me.  One-quarter of the quiche is 3 points and made a filling, easy to pack lunch with a side salad.

4)  Easy dinners were 2 slices of Dominos veggie pizza and salad (10 points), Chili’s Guiltless grill salmon with rice & veggies (12 points), Dream Dinners Chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes and broccoli (9 points), and then the last night we ate up all the leftovers in the fridge.

5)  Most of my exercise was chasing after the kids in the theme park, but one morning I did get up at 6am and walk on the treadmill in the hotel gym for an hour.

My friend and I had a great conversation one night about how Weight Watchers really is a plan that can work for anybody, whatever their lifestyle and food preferences.  Kim remarked on how much chocolate I eat, and how my meals are much lower point than hers.  My ideal spread is a 5 point breakfast, 4 point lunch, 6-8 point dinner, and the rest of my points in snacks throughout the day.  She tends to eat bigger meals, rarely snacks or eats chocolate, but saves points for alcohol and a weekly pizza night.

The beauty of the WW program is, it can accommodate these foibles and many more!  We can both lose weight, eating the things we prefer in the quantities and timings that are right for us.  This could not be more different from a program with prescribed meals and snacks, which I would personally find extremely difficult.

After a week away, I was thrilled to be down another 2 lbs at my Weight Watchers meeting on Monday.  That makes 62.6 lbs in 34 weeks. 🙂

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