Routines, rain & resistance

On Labor Day, I was stuck with the kids for 6 hours while my husband had to work.  But I escaped in the afternoon for frozen yogurt at Wooberry and a walk with two of my best WW buddies, Flo & Melissa.

On Tuesday, we began our new school routine.  My 2nd grade son goes on the bus and is gone 8-3.25.  My daughter is at preschool every morning now, from 8.45-1.  Theoretically, this means I have ample time to exercise, work from home & do chores without kids underfoot.  What I hadn’t counted on was the torrential, ridiculous, Ark-requiring rain we got for 3 days straight.  On Tuesday I got in a 20 minute walk between the worst of the downpours, but I still got soaked.  I didn’t even attempt it on Wednesday or Thursday.  It’s at times like this that I seriously contemplate forking out for a gym membership!  I can’t wait until my Zumba class resumes next week.  On Friday, the clouds finally lifted, and I got in a 45 minute walk with my BFF.

Yesterday I spent all day on my feet manning a booth at a fair.  This is actually quite a workout – hauling heavy boxes in and out of my car, setting up a tent, then standing on my feet engaging with the public for 8 hours.  I was showered and in my pajamas by 6pm last night!  My biggest victory was not purchasing anything except a coffee at the fair.  Believe me, since I was surrounded by trailers selling burgers, fries, ice cream and homemade baked goods, this was quite a feat of willpower! I bought a well-stocked cooler with lunch and snacks from home.

This morning my home scale finally dropped under 171 for the first time.  If I can stick to the plan today and hold on to that, it should hopefully translate to a small loss at WW tomorrow.  I’m calling that a victory, after two weeks of reduced exercise & over-point eating across the holiday weekend, which included a cookout and a baby shower.  I’m hopeful that with a better weather forecast ahead and no huge eating challenges on the horizon, I can truly buckle down this week.  My next goal is to see a new digit on the scales, the 160s.  Only a few pounds to go….

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