New walking route

Since my daughter recently started a new preschool, 15 minutes drive east of our house, I’ve been exploring a new area for walks.  My favorite discovery is the Assabet Wildlife Refuge in Sudbury, MA.  I can’t believe I have lived here for 11 years but had never visited this place until last week!

It has what I consider the holy grail for walking – paved pathways, but away from traffic.  I don’t like trails that are too rough underfoot, because you have to concentrate on every step so that you don’t twist your ankle, and it’s harder to keep up a steady pace on uneven ground.  But I also hate walking alongside busy roads, where the sound of the traffic means I have to crank up my music to an obnoxious volume, and I fear for my life with speeding cars who are not accustomed to pedestrians sharing their space.

The refuge has wide paths, excellent signage, gorgeous views, was not too buggy, has bathrooms and ample parking, and was an all-around great place to exercise.  I plan to go at least once a week until it gets too cold/snowy to exercise outside.

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