Perfection not required

I think those of us who have been successful with weight loss sometimes give the erroneous impression that we stick perfectly to the plan, and that perfection is required to be successful.  So I’m here to confess a few things to hopefully destroy that myth.

1) I NEVER get my healthy oils in.  Most of the other good health guidelines are not that hard for me (6-8 glasses of water, 5 or more fruit & vegetable servings, 2 dairy servings, a multivitamin, and daily activity).  But for some reason I have always struggled with the oil.

2) I do what’s required and no more.  If I have to walk for 33 minutes to earn 3 activity points, I walk for 33 minutes.  Not 30.  Not 35.  I claim what I’m entitled to, and move on with my day.

3) I usually eat over my weekly points.  I get 29 points a day and 49 weeklies, plus whatever activity points I earn (typically 10-20 a week).  So according to the guidelines, I shouldn’t be eating more than 252-262 points a week.  Looking at my Etools reports for the last nine weeks (as far back as the reports go), I ate over my total points every single week, by an average of 24 points a week – almost a whole extra day’s worth of points!  Yet over that time period, I still lost 10.4 lbs.  Would I have lost more weight if I’d stuck within my weekly limit?  Maybe…. quite likely in fact.  But do these figures prove that there is a safety net here, and you can still lose weight even if you are not following the plan to the letter?  Abso-freaking-lutely!

To those people who are scared of eating their weeklies, I say: eat everything you’re entitled to.  It’s still a LOT less than you were eating before!  Obviously, if you are not losing, you might want to consider cutting back, or eating more free foods, or exercising more.  But there is a margin for error built in to this program.  It is not starvation rations.  You can do this plan for the long-haul.  It is liveable, even when real life intervenes in the form of vacations, celebrations and meals out.  If I am going to do this forever, I need a plan that can handle slip-ups…and I’m living proof that Weight Watchers can.

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One Response to Perfection not required

  1. Jennie says:

    It’s good to be reminded that perfection is not the goal.

    I was reading a post on the WW message boards telling everyone that they should quit making excuses and do no baking over the holidays. I’m not really that into baking but I read stuff like that and just roll my eyes… you shouldn’t have to give up cookies for the rest of your life or be miserable at family functions. It makes me wonder what the poster does with her weeklies.

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