New lows

The good news is, this title applies to the scale.  The bad news is, it also applies to how sick I’ve felt this week!

First the good news.  After three weeks of being basically stalled, I was finally able to register a decent loss at weigh-in on Monday – down 1.4 to 166.4lbs.  It felt good to finally record some downward progress.  I expected my rate of loss to slow down as I reached goal, but it’s still disheartening to put forth the effort and not be rewarded with much for weeks on end.

On the bad news end, I feel like I’ve been run over by a steamroller this week!  I had a busy four days with work Thursday-Sunday.  I could feel myself coming down with something, but deadlines & adrenalin kept me going.  Once all my work obligations were fulfilled on Sunday night, I basically collapsed in a heap.  It started as a bad cold, which has turned into a horrible sinus infection.  I feel like I could have come up with my own sickness version of the seven dwarves – drippy, sneezy, gunky, cranky, weary, snotty and grotty!  We’re talking pounding headaches, vile mucus, feeling dizzy when I bend over, zero energy to exercise, and constant tiredness.  For someone who is normally go-go-go, it’s been a rude shock to the system!

I’m slowly refining my theory about how medications affect my weight.  With the amount of attention I devote to this topic, I may eventually attempt a PhD thesis on the subject.  I know you’re all riveted. LOL  So anyway, this week I have been dosed up to the eyeballs on all sort of medications.  My observations appear to indicate that Dayquil & Nyquil (containing acetaminophen and decongestants) make the scale drop.  My theory is that in drying up the nasal secretions, they also dehydrate me.  Medications containing ibuprofen, on the other hand, make the scale go up.  This may at least provide an argument for trying Tylenol instead of Motrin the next time you get a headache the day before weigh-in…..

So, as a result, the scale has actually dropped again this week, another 2 lbs at home, but I won’t truly believe the numbers I’m seeing until I know whether I can hang onto them once all the drugs are out of my system.  I guess we’ll find out next week!

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One Response to New lows

  1. Beth Anne says:

    Yes – you may have caught that from me. It’s the vile phlegm. Not the flu, but the Phlegm for the massive amounts of stuff you produce.
    But, WHOOPIEE!! On you for your loss, and was this in your heavier winter outfit too? Kudos to you!
    I support you in your dehydration theory, and in your ibuprofen causes a gain theory. I have definitely found similar results myself with this cold. Since I’ve been sick for 3 weeks I was actually getting depressed with the scale/meds so I experimented with tylenol vs Advil (to save typing their longer generic names). I definitely found I gained on Advil with no other explanation. The bummer to this is that Advil works better for my sinus pain. *sigh* it’s going to be a long cold/flu season…

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