WW and Wegmans

So the buzz in my area is the opening of the first Wegmans grocery store in Massachusetts.  The crowds the first week were insane, with 2 mile traffic jams to get into the place and people camping out in the parking lot.  Thankfully it has calmed down a bit after 3 weeks.  I’ve visited twice now, and heere are my observations from a WW perspective:

  • The produce department is AMAZING.  Incredible variety and great prices.  They will slice & dice anything to order.  They had 119 varieties of organic produce the first day I went.  Grapes are 99 c/lb.
  • Popcakes are one of their signature items – they are like a large flat rice cake, and if you only have one, they are zero points!
  • Huge organic/natural/health food section.
  • Their Greek yogurt is cheaper than Chobani and tastes just the same.
  • They post all their nutritional information online.
  • Their prepared foods & cafe offerings are great value, with lots of healthy items.
  • Huge British section, at least double the size of any other area supermarket’s UK section. They sell caster sugar, which a lot of British recipes call for and which I have never found here before.

Today I met Melissa and Flo there for lunch.  We are longtime WW buddies through our ups and down (currently all downs, at least scale-wise – go us!).  Melissa recently reached her personal goal weight and Flo is snapping at her heels.  I loved that we could each get totally different food but all eat together – like a mall food court, only more upscale.  I had the Asian wokery, Melissa had sushi and melon, and Flo had sushi and a salad.  There was a kids area where Melissa’s daughter could play & watch TV, and even an employee specifically assigned to stand guard over the contents of my shopping cart while we ate!

After lunch we wondered over to salivate over the handmade baked goods.  I contemplated purchasing a toffee white chocolate cookie, which is 4 points and I thoroughly enjoyed on my previous visit – but I resisted.  We did get our picture taken in the bakery though:

There is still way more of this store to explore, and tons more food in the cafe that I want to try.  Ladies, we’ll just have to do it again soon. 🙂


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2 Responses to WW and Wegmans

  1. Jennie says:

    The HEB’s in Houston have pop cakes too! I love them. They come in a couple of different flavors but my favorite thing to do is season them myself… a little Pam and then whatever seasoning I’m in the mood for.. I really like using the popcorn seasoning stuff but have done just plain spices too.

    Kroger’s sells something similar but called Moon cakes or something with the word moon… not nearly as good. (In my opinion).

  2. -e- says:

    Wegman’s – it’s definitely an experience! I try to shop Wegman’s at off-peak hours unless I wake up wanting to have a panic attack that day LOL I don’t do all of my shopping there but rather head out every few months to get items that I can’t find closer to home or treat myself to a better quality of fish, poultry, pastry — that type of thing. Great place for party nibbles, that’s for sure 🙂

    I’ll have to check out their Greek-style yogurt next time I stop in. I stay away from Chobani because it is really high in sugar compared to brands like Fage and Stoneyfield Farm. FWIW Trader Joe’s Greek-style yogurt is pretty good 🙂

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