Walking and skipping

I read a great blog post this week about how hard it can be to lose the last 20 lbs and why our bodies don’t want to give up the weight towards the end of a “diet”.  I am certainly finding it to be true for me.  My body is almost in maintenance mode already, even though I still have 8lbs to go to reach my goal.  I just finished a really good on-program week, with reasonable points, minimal eating out, and a good amount of activity; but when I stepped on my home scale this morning, I had maintained.  After I got dressed & had a cup of coffee, I was up 0.6lbs.

At this point I made an executive decision to skip my official weigh-in.  I can almost see the eye rolls of some of my readers from here. 😉  Some people have been quite vocal in sharing their opinion that skipping a weigh in means that I am in denial, can’t face the truth of the scale etc.. But here are my two main justifications:

1) I have never stayed for the meeting during this year’s round of weight loss, so it’s not like I am going to miss the topic, or that other people will miss my input to the group.

2)  It was a beautiful morning out.  I decided that going for a long walk would do more for my mental and emotional state AND my weight loss efforts than going to weigh-in and maintaining or gaining would.  It was 65 degrees and sunny this morning, a rarity for mid-November in New England.  It’s been a draining week, with a heavy workload and several close friends coping with grief or serious illness, and I had a lot on my mind.  For an hour I walked and thought and prayed and took in the beautiful scenery at the Assabet Wildlife Refuge.  It did me a power of good.

Your mileage may vary.  I am not advocating that everyone should skip their weigh-in every time they fear the results won’t be favorable.  But I feel like I know my body and I know what’s right for me, and I have to trust my gut.  I feel like I am almost settling into an every-other-week weigh-in pattern – again, more like maintenance.  I didn’t go off track today or give myself carte-blanche to eat everything in sight.  I just got on with moving my body for an hour in the sunshine.  Look at how gorgeous it was out there!

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2 Responses to Walking and skipping

  1. Flo says:

    Rebecca, I agree totally – that walk was much more productive than weighing in.
    I have decided that in my life, I make the rules and if I don’t want to weigh on a specific day, that’s my own choice.
    I am glad you decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and enjoy that sunshine!

  2. Jennie says:

    There was a time when I would be one of those eye rolling people but actually I realized the other day that it seems like a lot of the people that have had success on WWers are the ones that, well, in I can’t think of a term other than obsess about the scale (which sounds more negative than I mean it to)… not weighing in when they’ve gained, super careful about sodium/points a day or two before… my attitude has always been to go weigh in so that when I get back on track I’ll see how good that next week is.. but I’m starting to wonder if maybe that’s not a good attitude because on some level I’m saying gains are okay. Hmmm.. I don’t know just something that I’d been thinking of.

    Really though the reason for my comment… why aren’t you staying for meetings this time? (Truly asking out of curiousity.. not judgement). =)

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