Thanksgiving recap

Sorry for the radio silence since Thanksgiving.  My family spent the holiday in NYC, and we were busy with sightseeing and also preoccupied with my daughter’ health, since she was fighting a very strange bug for 10 days.  I meant to do a recap of the trip once we returned home, but then both my husband and I were thrown into an insanely busy week of work.  There was barely time to sleep, let alone blog!

So…. NYC.  I definitely indulged in a few foods that don’t regularly feature in my intake these days – cupcakes at a renowned bakery, and fish & chips at a traditional British shop.  But we also did a TON of walking – at least 90 minutes each day.  There was no great speed involved, since we had the kids with us, but I was definitely tired at the end of each day.

On Thanksgiving Day itself, a group of my WW friends ran the Stow Gobbler 5k race.  I couldn’t be there since I was out of town for the holiday, but I worked out on the treadmill in the hotel gym. In solidarity with my friends I ran the most I’ve ever run! I alternated walking one song at 3.6 mph and running one song at 4.2mph. In total I walked for 25 mins and ran for 15 mins. I was super-proud of myself, and enjoyed my holiday buffet more after that!

During the last stressful week of work, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t worked out as much as I normally would, but I also haven’t had as much free time to snack!  Until yesterday, the scale was dropping nicely.  On both Friday & Saturday morning, I saw a weight with a 5 in the middle on my home scale, which would mean less than 5lbs to goal if I could claim it officially at WW on Monday.  Today, however, it jumped up almost 2 lbs to 160.6 – still down from WW 2 weeks ago, but not as low as the numbers I have been seeing.  I blame the pizza I ate last night, which although reasonable in calories was probably higher in sodium than my typical dinners.  It’s also TOM, so that could be messing with the numbers.  I need to have a good low point, on-program day today and hope that the scale will reward me with a decent loss at WW tomorrow.

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