After almost a year back on this path of healthy living and exercise, so much of it has now become routine and a habit.  By that I don’t mean to make it sound dull & predictable – just that sometimes being on “autopilot” really helps!  I’m still extremely busy with my job and trying to hit an end-of-year sales target, and when my mind is preoccupied, it is good that my eating is somewhat habitual now.

I have a couple of standard breakfasts and lunches that rotate.  Typically when I cook dinner I make a large amount (4 or 6 servings), so I’m not thinking afresh about what to cook every night.  I’m in a groove with my twice-weekly Zumba classes and then fitting in one extra session on the treadmill, where I am now beginning to alternate walking and running.  I have an adequate wardrobe of size 10/12/M clothes that fit, so I don’t have to stress about finding something that fits to wear each day.  The weight is still coming off steadily, albeit at a slower place now that I am approaching goal.

Of course, with it being the holiday season, the biggest challenge right night is navigating through the sea of holiday parties, buffets and seasonal treats!  Strategies that work for me include making a low-point contribution for potlucks (hard boiled egg halves filled with a scoop of hummus instead of the yolk went down well at a recent gathering); bringing diet soda or a light lemonade, so I know there’s something low calorie to drink; and filling up ahead of time.  You’ll often find me munching on an apple in the car on the way to an event, to ensure I don’t immediately attack the buffet table upon arrival!

Sweets are still my downfall, but the key is portion control.  I enjoyed making Christmas cookies with my kids, but I immediately portioned them out into gift bags for their teachers, leaving only a few available for me to sample.  I buy chocolate in single-serve sizes, knowing that the family-size bar would all be consumed by me once it was opened, so it’s not really a saving!


But I’m finding that my body is surprisingly forgiving of the occasional splurge.  I’m not totally depriving myself, just trying to restrict the quantity of the indulgences!  It makes me realize quite how much I must have been over-eating to gain 40 lbs in 2010.  I look at photos from last Thanksgiving and Christmas and I see someone who felt uncomfortable in her own skin.  Now when I look in the mirror, the exterior much more closely matches the happy, confident person I am inside.

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One Response to Autopilot

  1. fiona says:

    Your transformation is awesome! I really want to start my journey – not interested in Weight Watchers but would love some advice on how to start

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