New year, new fitness goals

My husband has been a member of Planet Fitness for about a year now, so when they sent out a friends and family offer allowing me to join for $99 for a year before Dec 30, it was the incentive I needed to finally stop waffling and join a gym.  I rationalized that even if I only went once a week, that was only $2 a session – still great value!  I’m still doing Zumba twice a week as well, but since the winter ice & snow will soon be setting in, outdoor walks won’t be a frequent thing again until at least April.

I’m now trying to build up to running a 5k.  My in-laws run one every Saturday morning near their home in England, so my goal is to join them on Sat May 19 when I will be staying with them.  I started by walking for one song at 3.7 mph and then running for one song at 4.3 mph.  After 3 sessions, I am now trying to increase my running speed to 4.5 mph and to run for two songs in a row before taking a walking break.  I managed that for 2.5 repetitions on my last visit, and each time I try to better my last attempt.

One of the keys to motivation for me is finding the perfect playlist.  I’ve discovered that 164 bpm (or thereabouts) is my optimal speed for running songs.  Faster than that and I can’t sustain the pace for long; slower than that and I start dragging.  Once I figured that out, it’s been a fun game involving a metronome, Google and trawling through my iTunes library to find tracks that fall into that category.  So I hereby present for your education and entertainment, my current very eclectic list of 164bpm running songs!

  • ” A New England” – Kirsty MacColl
  • ” Come Dancing” – The Kinks
  • ” Hello Hurricane” – Switchfoot
  • “Our Summer” – All About Eve
  • “Take On Me” – A-Ha
  • “Peacock” – Katy Perry
  • “One Way Or Another” – Blondie
  • “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – Wham
  • “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police
  • “Big Yellow Taxi ” – Amy Grant
  • “In the Mood” – Glen Miller Band
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One Response to New year, new fitness goals

  1. Not sure if you have joined the cult of iPhone, but I highly recommend the C25K app. It tells you when to start running, when to walk, and when you are done.

    And if you want to keep up with your M-I-L, you are goint to need to move faster than 4.5 mph. You are going to need a sustained endurance closer to 6 mph for 30 min to keep up with her. It was somewhat humiliting to cross the finish line at the 5K we ran together out here in California to find that your M-I-L was no longer winded from the race.

    I like your playlist. Gaga and J-Pop are good runing music too. I have a heavy dose of Weird Al polka parodies on mine simply becasue of the beat.

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