Sneakers, swimsuits and sweating

On Monday 1/16 I decided it was time to “face the music” and accept that the few pounds I had gained over Christmas were not going to magically disappear on their own.  I went to WW and unhappily recorded a 3.8 lb gain.  But it got me back on track, and after a good week, I was thrilled to be down not only the 3.8lbs but an additional 1.4lbs, making a total of 5.2 down on 1/23.  This moved me into VFT (Virgin Fat Territory) at 158.2…inching ever closer to my goal of 155.

This past week was another good one, and the home scale was looking promising for another small loss this coming Monday, and then BAM! That time of the month hits, I have a pounding headache requiring multiple doses of Motrin to function today, I’m crabby as all get out, and I want to eat everything that’s not nailed down. 😦  We will see what the home scale says in the morning, but I’m no longer feeling optimistic.  However, I do recognize that if there’s a blip, it’s only temporary.

On the plus side, this week did see me making some purchases to both reward my progress so far and help me continue.  A recent trip to an indoor water park served to confirm that last year’s size 18 bathing suit is no longer going to cut it, and in fact was in danger of getting me arrested for public indecency.  So I headed to the Sears Outlet, where they sell Lands End swim separates for just $8 apiece.  It sure was a nice feeling when the size 10 suits looked good. 🙂

I also paid a visit to PR Running in Westborough, where they confirmed that my almost year-old sneakers were no longer any good for anything except running errands, having lost most of their tread.  They watched me run and fitted me with the newer version of the old pair, but in the next width up.  (They are Asics T156N for anyone who cares!) So far they seem to be a great fit for running.  While there, I also purchased an armband to hold my iPhone while I run.  I was sick of accidentally pressing buttons mid-song!  Now I have no excuse not to really crank up that 5k training routine.  I’m currently up to 3 songs’ worth of running before I need a water/walking break, with a 5k time of 42:45.

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