Nose to the grindstone

Weighed in last week and grudgingly accepted a 1.4lb gain, up to 159.6.  I realized that I was the exact same weight I was on December 19th, meaning that I had paid Weight Watchers $80 for the privilege of staying the sane weight for two months.  To use a rather crude phrase, it was time to “shit or get off the pot”.

Over a cup of coffee with my BFF, I analyzed my journal and was shocked to see quite how many points I was spending on chocolate.  This is not something I’m willing to cut out completely and go cold-turkey on, but it was definitely something I could cut back on.  So basically that was all I changed this week, and yesterday at weigh-in I was thrilled to be down 2.6lbs.

With that, I hit the magic number 157.  Why magic, you may ask?  Because 155 is the top of the goal weight rage for my height, 5’6″.  Once Lifetime members are within 2lbs of their goal weight, they no longer have to pay to weigh in.  So I filled out a form that will be faxed to the WW home office, and hopefully they will give me a pro-rated refund on my monthly pass and I can stop paying them every month. 🙂

Now the challenge is to stay under 157!  This means continued diligence for the next two weeks, especially as the kids are off school this week and my normal routine is disrupted. On March 5th I’m having all four of my wisdom teeth out, and I’m told the only upside to this procedure is that I’m likely to lose 5 lbs, due to my inability to chew any solid food in the week following the surgery!

Went to the gym this morning and was able to shave another 40 seconds off my 5k time, to 39:06.  I think I pushed myself a bit too hard though – towards the end, my heart rate was 185 and I began to feel unwell, so I dramatically slowed things down for the last 3 minutes.  168-173 seems to be a better heart rate goal range for me to sustain.

Today I’m taking the kids to visit friends – the mom happens to be an avid runner, so I’m planning to pick her brains for tips!  If anyone had told me 4 months that I’d be picking up Runners World magazine and reading it cover to cover, I’d have said you were nuts.  As my wise friend Melissa recently wrote:

These are the little things that are most surprising. When you lose weight you expect smaller clothes and compliments and stuff like that. But it’s the little things, like enjoying running outside, or not minding the cold, or becoming a morning exerciser, that are shocking. You learn quickly to exorcise the words, “I’ll never…” out of your vocabulary because one day, whatever it is, you probably will.

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One Response to Nose to the grindstone

  1. Welcome back to lifetime land.

    I have also heard that wisdom teeth removal is good for weight loss. I wouldn’t know as I don’t have any wisdom teeth. I must not be very wise.

    If you really want to up the weight loss, instead of having all four removed in the same procedure, tell the oral sureon to only pull one and that you’ll be back once a month for the next four months. That’s the way Laura did it.

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