Whine, pout, moan

I had surgery to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth on Monday.  It’s been a tough week of recovery!  The Percocet has made me dizzy, nauseous & itchy.  I can’t drive while I’m taking it, so I’ve been confined to the house.  I can’t chew much or open my mouth wide, so I am restricted to soft pureed foods like applesauce, ice cream, scrambled eggs and soup.

Everyone said this surgery was an easy way to lose 5 lbs, but instead the scale has risen each day because of the accumulation of drugs in my system!  I know it’s not a “real” gain, but it’s still hard to see those numbers creeping up, especially when I am am not able to consume even my daily minimum in points at the moment.  There’s been no exercise – I can barely stand up straight, never mind walk or run.  It is hard to feel so out of my element.  I don’t do well with the lack of independence and change to my normal routine!

As of today, I am weaning off the Percocet onto just ibuprofen.  Here’s hoping I start to feel a little more normal soon.

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One Response to Whine, pout, moan

  1. Flo says:

    Rebecca, I’m sorry this has been so tough. Be gentle with yourself (stay off the scale!!). It may take you several weeks to be back to your normal routine again, but you’ll get there. (((hugs)))

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