One track mind

Running is now consuming a lot of my previously weight-loss related energy, hence the number of posts about it!  Recent purchases have included an angled water bottle with a carrying handle and a small pocket for keys; a bright orange running jacket; and running capris with mesh panels behind the knees and an iPhone pocket.

I’ve just registered for a 6k race on June 10.  This will be my first stateside race, after the one I plan to tackle in the UK on May 19.  The UK one is a 5k on a relatively flat & familiar course on soft ground in a park, so my hope it to complete that one in about 36 minutes.  The 6k is more of a challenge, as the course is on hard pavement through downtown Worcester and has hills.  It think that one will be a mixture of walking and running; my hope it to complete it in around 50 minutes.

As the weather improves, training outside gets easier – apart from my allergies!  I haven’t actually been to the gym in a while – running or walking outside and Zumba have provided enough activity for 3-4 days a week.  However, at only $10 a month, it is still worth paying for the gym as a back up plan.

Several of my friends ran “alternative” races yesterday, through muddy obstacle courses or where they were being chased by zombies!  Call me unadventurous, but I’ll stick to the regular races for now, thanks. 🙂

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