So…about that almost 3 year hiatus from blogging…..

I decided it was time to resurrect my blog today.  My last post was in May 2012.  I was at my goal weight and newly obsessed with running 5ks. So what on earth happened after that?

Well, in short – a lot of small things snowballed into one big thing that can be summarized as “not caring”. I let a 5lb blip become a 10 lb gain. I quit running over the winter, once the weather got too cold to run outside. I stopped eating as many fruits and veggies, and started eating more and more chocolate.  The company I worked for went bust in a spectacular burnout in August 2012, and the resulting months of unemployment & questioning my life path saw me not prioritizing my health. I no longer blogged and I became more sedentary at a new office job.  My Zumba instructor quit.  In 2013 I gained ~40 lbs, and in 2014 another ~14lbs.  Suffice it to say, I am almost back to where I started.  Again. AGAIN. *sigh*

But I’m happy to say that something has clicked in the last couple of weeks, prompted in large part by the realization that I do NOT want to turn 40 in 4 months’ time at my highest-ever weight. When I saw 231 on the scale a couple of days after Christmas, I panicked. 235 was my highest weight on both my previous journeys to my goal weight, and I couldn’t believe I was so close to seeing it again. It shocked me into action.

I’ve always been motivated by an element of competition, so I decided that putting some money on the line was the best way to motivate myself for the New Year. I had participated in a couple of Diet Bets before, but had not been successful in losing 4% of my weight in 4 weeks – a lofty goal.  However, I discussed the idea with my best friend Kim, and she said that if I started one, she would join me.  I am aware that a rate of weight loss that rapid is not sustainable long term, but it does give you a kickstart to get back on track. So I committed $35, and before I knew it, 8 others were on the journey with me, including my husband. My starting weight for the Diet Bet was 229.6.

Then another local friend announced that she was starting a 3-month Biggest loser program, with a $50 buy-in but a much larger cash prize at the end for the person who lost the biggest percentage of their body weight in 12 weeks.  I went to her house for the initial weigh-in on January 5th, and I was 227.8 in street clothes. She took before pictures and started a private FB group so we can cheer each other on.

As I write, we are 10 days into the New Year, and I am down 6.8 lbs to 222.8. I am feeling committed to this journey once more, happy with my daily small victories and forgiving myself for minor slip-ups.  I know if I just keep on tracking my food, moving my body, and being conscious of what I put in my mouth, that it will add up to longer term results. There’s some mental work to do on why I have this pattern of sabotaging myself once I’m at goal… but that can wait for another day, or a therapist’s couch. 😉

It’s good to be back.  Thanks for reading.

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