My first year with Fitbit

For Christmas 2013, my husband bought me a Fitbit One.  I faithfully wore it every day in 2014 to track my steps and activity level.  Fitbit just sent me my “year in review” summary, so here are the numbers:

Screenshot 2015-01-15 14.55.49

Over the course of the year, I walked over 2.5 million steps, which equates to 1, 127 miles, or an average of 3 miles per day. That’s pretty darn good!

July was my most active month, because we were visiting family in the UK and it was unusually warm weather, so we were outside most of the time and doing a lot of walking around parks and stately homes. December 22 was my most active day, when I visited New York City with my husband for my early Christmas gift, and we crammed in a lot of tourist sightseeing and walking around Central Park. I have no recollection of why April 2 was my most sluggish day, except that my calendar tells me I was at work, so I probably barely walked further than house-car-desk-car-house.

Yet here is the sobering reality that these figures don’t reveal.  Over this same 12-month period of time, during which no-one can deny I was reasonably active, I gained 14 lbs.

Now, do I believe that had it not been for the Fitbit making me more conscious of my need for activity, I would have gained even more? Absolutely. However, this just serves to reinforce what we all know at heart – it is our choice of food (both type and quantity) that contributes the most to our weight gain or loss, far more than exercise.

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