Sick as a dog


My lovely daughter has shared her germs with me.  Around mid-afternoon on Monday, I started coughing.  Slept like the dead for 10 hours, thanks to NyQuil.  I woke up this morning with barely any voice.  It hurts to swallow and as my meds wear off, my body aches.  No fun!  Fortunately I didn’t have to work today, so I was able to stay home, nap and drink lots of tea.

The bad news is, I don’t have the lung capacity to exercise.  It hurts to breathe normally, never mind run! The good news is, my appetite has been lower and I’ve been sleeping a lot, which means less awake time to eat.

NyQuil also has the effect of dehydrating me, resulting in 2015’s lowest number yet on the scale this morning, 220.6.  However, I’m not putting much faith in it until I can verify if that number stays around until my health returns to normal. If it does, it would mean I was only 0.2 lbs away from my DietBet goal! There’s still a week to go before the final weigh-in, so a prize is not guaranteed by any means, but I’m quietly hopeful.

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