Supportive friends

I’ve been a member of an online weight loss support group for almost 15 years.  First it was a message board, then many of us migrated to LiveJournal, and now it’s mainly on Facebook in private groups.

The medium may have changed, but it’s the same people and the same basic premise.  We share recipes and helpful tips, ask for help with tough situations, cheer each other on, post motivational quotes, brag about our accomplishments and celebrate successes. There are many of them I have never met in person, but when you interact with the same people daily for that long, you get to know each other pretty well!

A lot of us met on a message board for people in their 20’s.  Many were unmarried and most of us didn’t have kids at that time.  When we lost weight the first time around, we didn’t have the responsibilities we do now. It was a lot easier when we could put our blinders on and make it our primary focus.

But 15 years on, many of us are now in the position that healthy eating has to be one of our many competing priorities. We were just discussing tonight that it feels much harder now. Still worth it, but it takes more work and juggling.

I am so grateful to this group of friends for being a sounding board, a comfort, an encouragement, a cheering section and my “soft place to fall” for so long. Love you ladies!

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One Response to Supportive friends

  1. Mary says:

    So grateful for that site so long ago bringing us together!! ❤

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