That was the week that wasn’t

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So by the beginning of last weekend, I had hit and maintained under my pre-Mexico goal (209.6, 20 lbs down) for a few days. I was feeling good, strong and in control.

But the past week has felt like a spiraling vortex of bad decisions.  So what happened? I’m not interested in excuses, but I think there is benefit in analyzing it so that I can attempt to minimize certain triggers or situations in the future.

First of all, I somehow ended up with a muscle spasm in my left arm, requiring a trip to urgent care and resulting in high doses of ibuprofen and a prescription for valium to relax it enough that I could sleep.  Meds always make my weight shoot up.

Next, my in-laws were staying with us for 12 days.  I love them dearly, but having anyone in your house for that long is stressful. By Sunday I was sick of cooking every night, and we ordered Chinese takeout. This would not be bad if it was confined to one day, but there was enough food for 3 days of leftovers!  So the excess sodium and lack of veggies dragged into the middle of this week. Note to self: satisfy your future Chinese cravings with a one-shot meal in a restaurant, where you eat it and then you’re done!

The week continued with more than the usual number of special treats.  Chocolate babka at community group, salted caramel cupcakes at a book swap, leftover Easter eggs, and a BBQ dinner out at Fireflys with girlfriends. One indulgence seems to lead to others, which leads to an overall attitude of not caring.

Then my grandpa died.  It’s a blessing really, because he was 88, had Alzheimer’s and lived in a nursing home.  But he was my last remaining grandparent, and he lived 3000 miles away in the UK, and I can’t go to the funeral because we already have immoveable plans for next week. I proceeded to eat my feelings by consuming most of a sleeve of cookies in one sitting, which made me feel 10x worse. When will I lean that this kind of behavior results in nothing except a stomach ache and a large dose of self-loathing?

So here I sit, up ~2lbs (which could be worse, I know) but also knowing that I have to rein things in or I am in danger of undoing all my hard work.

Plan for the day:

  • gym or walk/run outside in this beautiful weather
  • healthy dinner already made (Mexican chicken casserole)
  • pedicure and shopping for some self-care that doesn’t involve food

How will you plan to have a successful weekend?

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One Response to That was the week that wasn’t

  1. Theresa says:

    I loved your honest reflection in order to change the path. You plan for today sounds perfect. We are driving to Disney on this glorious day.

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